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Marketing, PR, Publicists, Event Coordinators

Part One: Developing a Working for plan for SCwSG Organization

a.    Goals—What you want to accomplish

  • Organizational Goals: Main one to three goals for the next 12 to 18 months?

  • Marketing Goals: How we’ll use marketing to reach those organizational goals?

    • Organizational goal for all teams and programs. How do we maximize outreach efforts, events and make the biggest impact.

      • Improve team connections and efforts

    • Marketing goals

      • Build awareness about SCwSG’s work and impact.

      • Motivate 10 new volunteers to become effective advocates.

      • Forge partnerships with key partner organizations and improve existing relationships with citizens, policymakers, partners, team members, volunteers...

      •  Calls to Action—What do we want audiences, volunteers, supporters to do to help further the cause and help more hurting people and animals? What's our target audiences? How can they help achieve our marketing goals? Be specific. Examples: Subscribe to our e-newsletter. Like and share our Facebook and website pages and share their questions and positve feedback there. Participate in our community meetings. Volunteer their gifts and talents. Share their and our story. Collaborate on a project with us.


Your Messages, Methods & Tactics

a.    Framing the SCwSG Message — Benefit Exchange and Barriers to the Call to Action

  • Benefit Exchange: Why should our supporters care? What’s it in for them?

  • Examples:

      • Seek to ensure that their children, other family members and friends are welcome.

      • Want to ensure we are doing everything we can to accomplish our goals of helping as much as possible in every way that we possibly can... but we need their help, cooperation and support.

  • Barriers:  What’s in the way of motivating the actions we want supporters to take?

  • Examples:

      • Many other nonprofits are asking for funds and have more promotional and advertising funds to implement well-resourced campaigns to show supporters what they are doing. We use funds directly for what we are doing to help hurting people and animals in everyway possible.

      • Social Media participants have too many choices and time constraints.

      • Partners don’t always know what they can do to help and they are overwhelmed with their causes and efforts.

  • b.    Best Methods—To achieve our marketing goals

  • How can we best motivate our supporters to act? Options are: Branding / Positioning, Message Development, Content Creation, Training, Relationship Building, Community Building and Organizing

  • Examples:

    • Build the network: Nurture relationships with prospective “supporters” within relevant local organizations, from the Lions Club to the Chamber of Commerce in Eagle and around the world.

    • Message development: Shape and deliver messages that will clarify for, connect with and engage our audiences, supporters, friends, family, heros and sponsors. Consistent, memorable messaging helps our base to keep our organization top of mind, recognize its relevance to them, and spread the word about it.

  • c.    Best Tactics—To put our methods into action

    How can we connect with our supporters via every method possible in a fun, encouraging way? Which tactics work best to achieve our goals.


  • Message development—Audience research; write positioning statement, tagline, talking points; test and refine; develop style guide, train staff and board on messaging, develop style guide; launch.

  • Standards guide—Create a guide (PDF) for staff and volunteer messengers to use to promote everything we do to increase knowledge of the many good things we do and how they can participate.

  • Consistently Update and develop a one-page “leave behind” flyer summarizing the value of partnering for prospective partners, and a series of follow up emails (to follow in-person visits to prospective partner organizations).

  • Put It All Together

    a.    Resources—What it takes

  • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Who does what?

    • Existing staff or new staff? Outsource? Social capital (board members, volunteers, other connections)?

    • How much time will it take?

    • Training needed?

  • Budget

    • How much does the plan cost?

    • Ideal to begin planning process with an idea of what you can spend so you can plan realistically.

    • Goal is to develop an understanding of greatest ROI (return on investment) by tracking expenditures and results in coming year, to inform planning for the following year.

  • b.  Benchmarks and Measurement— Get to goal & stay on the path. Track how progress is going.

  • Benchmarks: What are three to five concrete, specific and measurable (when possible) steps to complete en route to achieving each marketing goal? Warning—Vague benchmarks are note direct enought or helpful.

    • Finalize partnerships with two organizations to cross-promote advocacy campaigns within the next six months.

    • Initiate building six additional partnerships.

    • Increase the number of incoming inquiries (coming from a partner org website, a volunteer advocate or another source) from prospective volunteer advocates by 10% - 15% additional in the next year.



  • Step-by-Step Work Plan—Start with a 30-day plan, begin implementation build out the plan to 90 days

  • What do we need to do to build understanding, buy-in and participation among leadership and colleagues? Then what?

  • Elements: Write out every discrete task that needs to be done, who tackles each task, start date and deadline for each.


Check out and guide our organization to follow this plan as it is applicable to improve our organization and it's legacy.


Diane Dike's Marketing Team

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