Second Chance with Saving Grace Disability Program Diane DIke

Disability Awareness

Second Chance with Saving Grace Diane Dike and friends

Cuddle Blankets, Bookmarks Quilters, Sewers, Hats, Crafts, Card Makers

Share pictures and stories about animals and those you've loved and lost-keep their candle burning.
Creating items to bring hope, encouragement, help, love, joy and comfort.

We enjoy the great outdoors during the beautiful warm summer days here in the mountains of Colorado. We share ideas on better ways to stay connected, increase awareness and work together to help as many people and animals as we can!

Hope-Filled, Positive and Encouraging Radio!
Live a life of impact, purpose and victory! We will show you how! New York Times best selleling authors and everyday people will inspire you to overcome every challenge.
For warriors who battle chronic illness and pain. especially associated with fibromyalgia we have hope, ideas, resources, and encouragement for you.
Worldwide wear PJ's Day
An eradicating Autoimmune Disease
Awareness Day Event - March 1st
Diane has been a prayer warrior all her life. She is the National Day of Prayer county coordinator. In conjunction with the National Day of Prayer our volunteers offer prayer events everyday!
Providing resources, information, support and solutions for family caregivers.

Sponsor a Love Kit for a person going through a sickness, loss or difficult time! SCwSG tries to provide a Love Kit to every child in hospitals, while parents are in prison or those entering a foster home.

Join SCwSG for hands-on experience in teamwork, time management, practical personal development, leadership, administration and more. Impact your world by reaching out to others and be renewed, restored and revived living life with purpose!

Gracie & Diane speak to large groups and small. Theyhelp educate, encourage and enrich lives. Their presentations restore hope and foster a better sense of community inspiring all to stay strong and courageous no matter what.

Schedule them today.

SCwSG has a certified Foster/Adoption Home in Eagle, Colo. run by founders Paul and Dr. Diane Dike. The home provides love and help to children and families in need. SCwSG welcomes those who desire to help in any way.
An AoL is someone who goes above and beyond to help others. They visit children and share free storytimes reading "Gracie Comes Home" and giving away Love Kits. Be on our team and deliver hope, encouragement and love today!
Please conact us for more information
Medical Outreach: Educating, Encouraging and Increasing Awareness. A safe place for caregivers and people with health challenges of all types, especially this rare blood disease. You will find help, hope and important information. 
Paul, Gracie and Diane educate individuals and groups about how to honor and respect people with disabilities – information that educates! Avoid expensive legal issues and negative press. Invite this amazing team to share with your employees today!
Gracie and Diane Dike, Grcie Comes Home Book

Director of Authors,   Literacy, Grant Writers, Fundraising

Second Chance with Saving Grace

Marketing, PR, Publicists, Event Coordinators

Second Chance with Saving Grace Military Outreach

Veterans & Military Families

The AA works directly with Diane wearing many hats. Assisting with emails, website, team management, writing and social media work.

Directors develop and take our programs to the next level. Are you a good leader and organized?Can you write and/or draw? Can you apply for grants, craft a business/marketing plan or promote outreach teams? We need grant writers to help us connect with fund so we can expand our global outreach efforts  and help more hurting people and animals. Decide what you want to do and let's do it!

We have an abundance of volunteer/service opportunities.  
Including but not limited to: hosting events to designing publications to, working on social media in the promotions department, car washes to raise funds for providing Love Kits. and simple computer work that can be done from anywhere in the world. We have an official form that you fill out with hours it took to work on various projects. The founder will look over all you work and sign off on the hours it took to accomplish.

Schedule, organize, coordinate and host events to raise awareness, increase connections, and help more hurting people and animals. We need marketing and PR campaigns that will expand our global outreach efforts so we can help more hurting people and animals. Decide what you want to do and let's do it!

Help serve military families and veterans by organizing fundraisers to enhance the department's funds for outreach work, finding sponsors to provide Love Kits to veterans and their families, setting up opportunities for Dr. Diane Dike and volunteer teams to speak to enlisted service personnel, deliver Love Kits, and offer encouragement to families whose loved ones are overseas, hurt or lost in action.

People helping people.

SC Thrift Shoppe provides much needed funds for our outreach departments specifically for our: Foster/Adoption Home, Love Kit distribution, and the Animal Sanctuary.

We need volunteers to come into the store to organize weekly, pick up donations, take care of the animals and spread the good news about this amazing recycling group.

We are looking for creative minds who want to share their gifts and talents to reach the world with good news, help and hope. Volunteers look at the needs, pick what they want to accomplish and build experience, portfolios and connections in the process. From anywhere in the world, you can join our family of volunteers. 

If you are a student seeking experience, someone looking to build your portfolio, a retiree wanting to contribute your skills, or a business owner with a heart to help, we'd like to work with you! 

Second Chance with Saving Grace

Graphic Designer, Digital Media Artist, Photographer, Fine Artist, Writer, Illustrators

Are you an artist? Lots of opportunities for creating brochures, flyers, logos, social media awareness banners, illustrations for our books and more. Let us know what you'd like to do and let's do it!

Second Chance with Saving Grace

Bloggers, Writers, Editors, Poets, Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Videographers, Movie Producers

Are you a writer? Do you like to edit, sing songs, or  write advertisement jingles?Writers, editors, bloggers, singers and proof readers write articles, press releases, create fun, educational and inspiring songs, videos, documentaries screen plays and movies and marketing materials to help increase awareness and share good news. 
Decide what you want to do and let's do it!

Volunteers utilize their gifts and talents.

OUR programs transform lives

   Educate * Encourage * Enrich   

Second Chance with Saving Grace