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Dr. David

Keeping our Foster/Adoption kids in bright smiles!

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Dr. Diane Dike, Gracie the Italian Greyhound Service Dog, Nonprofit Second Chance with Saving Grace Founder
Dr. Diane Dike, Gracie the Italian Greyhound Service Dog, Nonprofit Second Chance with Saving Grace Founder


"Inspiration is what drives life and life experience drives who we are. Dr. Diane Dike is an inspiration to all of us. She faces incredible adversity yet with an amazing heart she doesn't complain she just loves! She loved a broken little dog and named her "Gracie". Together they rescued each other and have changed 1000's of peoples lives. They have shown God is real, that Love still exists and we are in this world together. My life changed when I met Diane and I am so much better for knowing her! I'm blessed knowing the legend which has become Gracie & Diane!"   -Peter Strople, Zero2 CEO & Former NHL Player


"Promise Keepers is thankful to partner with SCwSG. We live in a hurting world. So many people are suffering and you can see that pain on their face. There are some that carry the light of Gods love wherever they go. Diane is one of those people. She hurts, she hurts big time sometimes. But that effervescent smile renders encouragement wherever it shines. Diane is like an Alka-Seltzer dropped into water. She bubbles and sparkles like the 4th of July. Don't you feel better when you've had an Alka-Seltzer? Well, you feel better when you spend time with Diane or listen to her sing or read about her journey to the middle of Gods love. With her beloved Saint Paul and her every ready side kick, amazing Gracie, this trio will inspire, refine, and transpire your spirit to the presence of God. Diane your love for Jesus brings joy into other peoples lives. You shine girl!"  -Coach Bill McCartney, CEO Promise Keepers, Former Colorado University Football Coach


"My surprise Love Kit was just what I needed to get through my depressing divorce & cancer. Thank you for taking the time to care!" -Sara​


"The kids at our home for children listen to Gracie & Diane (the book CD) read, Gracie Comes Home every night. Your book is just right~keeps their HOPE alive!" -Austin, TX


"Recently, I drove to Winter Haven and in the three hours I was with Gracie & Diane, I found that her will to live, her drive to inspire, and her knowledge about life itself is unsurpassed especially when it comes to love, understanding, and a commitment to enjoying life one day at a time. She is a former Elite athlete, and was on her way to National and World rankings in swimming and coaching. Diane is a very unique person who can make your heart stop and your emotions tingle with excitement. Her beliefs can bring you to the brink of knowing that Heaven is where it's at in a turbulent world. This lady is an outstanding motivational speaker, an inspiration to those who have come in contact with her, and delivers her message as if she has already been to Heaven and has come back to tell us what she experienced first hand!
"Take the time, right now, and check her out. Visit her website and watch the YouTube videos and you will make that critical decision to actively become a part of what happens in this world. I am counting on your help by showing the commitment it takes to share part of your life with someone who is wanting to come and share part of hers in a manner that will make you understand that living one day at a time is a treasure. Keep training to keep racing!" -Bill Floyd, USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Level II, USA Cycling Certified Coach, TEAM in Training National Certified Coach

Dr. Diane Dike and Peter Strople
Dr. Diane Dike, Founder Second Chance with Saving Grace and Coach Mac, Promise Keepers Founder

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