Did you know?


Our ministry reaches thousands through its Love Kit care packages, volunteer programs, foster/adoption home, speaking engagements, online support and educational programs, Thrift Store and Animal Sanctuary. We do this with you and your generous tax-deductible donations.

Did you know?

*When you donate we create books in the Children’s book series, The Adventures of Gracie and Diane. Children everywhere are waiting for more books! Since readers become leaders we need to keep the adventures coming!

*Donations ship and allow us to personally deliver Love Kits to homebound, sick, hospitalized, broken families, shooting incident & natural disaster survivors and children.

*Donations allow us to distribute educational, encouraging and enriching programs, flyers, books, websites, videos, songs,... and through written, spoken and hands-on help we inspire the broken to live a life of impact, purpose and victory no matter what challenges they are facing.

*Donations allow Diane to have a radio show that introduces everyday people living extraordinary lives as well as New York Times best selling authors, doctors and other health experts.

*Your donation feeds the hungry, clothe the destitute, offers refuge for the orphan, inspire the broken and because we are an all volunteer team you do all the good you can, in every way you are able and all the money goes to what it needs to go to.

How do we make life better for people and animals?

We recognize our responsibility to do things, efficiently and effectively while providing services in a safe, clean and inviting environment online or in person at our community center. SCwSG is an all volunteer team operating outreach programs that are transforming lives.

Funds raised, further our outreach potential especially in our Foster/Adoption Home, Second Chance Animal Sanctuary (that will allow animals to be adopted), and also increase our ability to send Love Kits to hurting people.

We are tackling the most challenging issues with compassion. Strengthening and empowering people to help people, and building a better tomorrow. Volunteers and the medically challenged are needed and wanted. They live with purpose that strengthens families, cultivates leadership, and builds a strong foundation for our future. We enrich quality of life for all - economically, emotionally, socially - through our programs and teams.

Our Goal:
To raise up a new generation of community minded team members that are equipped to help others, heart to heart. Through public awareness and education. We live to eliminate ignorance and serve as a resource to those struggling. Empowering children and families to achieve lifelong successes, to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for all by advocating for important issues.

What is a Love Kit?

A Love Kit consists of a Gracie beanie baby (plush stuffed animal), a glow-in-the-dark wristband, t-shirt, book about the Adventures of Gracie and Diane (and CD). Children raising funds to purchase and deliver Love Kits in our Ambassadors of Love program build an understanding about the joy of giving. It’s an important to link youth volunteers and adult mentors while developing literacy. The result is productive adults who know how to be a vital member of society, who know how to make life changing connections and adults who understand entrepreneurship, technology and how to live life to the fullest.

   Educate * Encourage * Enrich   

Second Chance with Saving Grace