Our Foster Home Duties include: parental guidance/support, face to face with CASA volunteers, social workers, lawyers and guardian's, birth parents and relatives, upkeep of CPR + First Aid training, daily journals, parent training, passing background & medical checks, a bed and dresser for every child; addressing all medical and dental needs; transportation to and from activities, school, medical or therapeutic appointments; participation in treatment decisions & all meetings, creating clear and consistent behavioral boundaries, providing financial, emotional, extracurricular and educational support, providing meals, clothing, making good holiday memories... and providing a stable, consistent, culturally sensitive and nurturing home environment.

Let's celebrate, help and honor foster families who open their homes and hearts to children in need while also reflecting on the resilience of the more than 2 million foster care alumni living in our country today.

Thank you. Stay Strong & Courageous!

Change the World. One Heart at a Time.

This is an amazing opportunity  – to not only guide and inspire a youth today, but to transform their potential for tomorrow.  And, your impact can directly strengthen our community.

By giving a couple of hours, 3 to 4 times a month, you can give your Little Buddy the invaluable gift of friendship.  As a friend, you can provide guidance and opportunities for your Little Buddy to learn and grow.  By showing up, listening, and having fun, you can help change a young person’s perspective for the better.  It can be as simple as reading a book, playing a board game, enjoying a snack, some ice cream or just hanging out together. Offering the gift of companionship, guidance and encouragement is priceless.  Some have experienced loss or are coping with terrible memories and trauma, they need to have the chance to try new things and have fun while meeting new people.

Take the initiative - set up a meeting with your Little Buddy and provide new opportunities for them to improve their outlook on life.


You can also get involved with the Grandparent Buddy Program as a donor. The gift will match a child facing adversity with a Grandparent mentor changing the life of a child for the better, forever!


A Buddy Grandparent is…

  • A Fun Friend

  • A Kind and Positive Role Model

  • A Safe Place and Confident

  • A Good Example who is Respectful of Parents

  • A Nurturer, Encourager of the Child's Possibilities and of Good Behavior

  • A Support: Someone who catch's them doing good and says, 
    "I'm proud of you!"
    Other things a Buddy Grandparent can do:

  • Empowerment: Encourage your Little Buddy to take the initiative to plan some outings.

  • Encourage your Buddy to follow rules and expectations set at school and home. 

  • Encourage your Buddy to take activities they do to the next level and expose them to other worlds through the importance of learning.

  • Help your Buddy learn how to plan ahead and make positive decisions like how to build and maintain friendships.

  • Encourage your Buddy to value helping others, telling the truth and taking personal responsibility.

  • See your Buddy as a whole person and help your them find their sense of purpose in life.










Foster children need to experience family. We are looking for Grandparents willing to spend some time with wonderful children hungry for a sense of family.

Grandparent Buddy

Mission: SCwSG's Foster/Adoption home program offers a refuge for children during some of the most difficult days of their lives. We are safe place for children to heal for a short time and/or a place they can call home forever. We envision a world in which all children are valued, loved and grow up to become all they were created to be.


What is a Grandparent Buddy Mentor?

Mentor is defined as a “wise and trusted confidant” or an “influential supporter.” Mentoring can be one-to-one or include a group relationship that helps a foster child experience family (great times & fun memories).

Most people can recall someone, who had a meaningful and positive impact – someone who looked out for them and made them feel special.

A mentor is a very important person! Mentoring is a powerful way to transform a young persons life!

If you would like to adopt a young person and allow them to adopt you back please contact us today.


There are nearly half a million young people living in foster care in America. The goal is to return the children to their homes but when that is not possible they need long term care and/or adoption. It's an intense process.

Our Foster/Adoption Home
Hearts are healing. Lives are changed! When SCwSG founders, Paul and Diane found out that there are approx. 6,800 foster children in Colorado and 550 needing adoption AND that there was not a Foster Home available in their County they immediately became certified, ready to open their hearts and home.

   Educate * Encourage * Enrich   

Second Chance with Saving Grace