My mom, Joan Patricia, was born on Oct. 23, 1934 and born to eternal life 76 years later on Feb. 16, 2011.  The dash between those dates was filled with work, exercise, volunteering, loving her grandchildren, her three girls and my dad, Bernie Provencher. Mom went to her eternal resting home from her Florida home due to loosing her battle against the rare blood cancer, multiple myeloma (MM).

I was born on Mom’s birthday, Oct. 23, 1966 at about 4 p.m. causing her to miss eating cake at her party, but from there forward we always enjoyed celebrating our birthday together. 

I moved to Colorado in 1997, we missed each other so much we talked every week. In 2007, mom was having trouble remembering things and balancing her checkbook. Something wasn't right so I flew home to take her to the doctor. She fought me the whole way. To appease me the doctor did some tests. A few hours later, I slide down the wall in despair. My Mom had cancer.

Paul and I moved in with my parents for three months to care for them. Dad had to have a hernia operation and mom was loosing weight and real sick from the chemo, radiation and treatments. Unfortunately, we had to get back to Colorado and leave the caregiving to my two sisters and the Grandkids.

We came back to help and visit as much as possible. In October of 2010, I was compelled to go back and be with her and Dad. I didn't know it would be our last birthday together. She was dying. Her bones were breaking, she didn't want to eat, she was in so much pain and she was tired of fighting so I told her it was okay to let go and run to Jesus. 

                Thank you. I love and miss you Mom. xxoo

Diane Dike's Mother Fallen Multiple Myeloma Warrior
Diane Dike's Mother, Multiple Myeloma Warrior
Diane Dike's Mother, Multiple Myeloma Warrior, October 23, last birthday together
Diane Dike's Mother Multiple Myeloma Warrior
Diane Dike's Mother, Multiple Myeloma Warrior
Diane Dike's Mother Multiple Myeloma Warrior they had the same birthday
Joan Provencher, Diane Dike's Mother Multiple Myeloma Warrior
Diane Dike Hero Memorial In Memory of those we love and miss

Hero Memorial

An Example of a Hero Memorial

Our Hero memorial website honors and celebrates the lives of loved ones that have passed on. We provide a memorial website for human, pet, and service animal that allows families and friends to celebrate the life of a loved one by:

*writing a biography,
*sharing stories,
*sharing tributes,
*gathering photos,
*arranging audio and
*organizing a video album 
... make it what you want it to be with character, charisma and color.

To help cover the cost of this program we request
a donation of:  $29.99   1 yr. plan

A simple one photo tribute suggested donation is:  $14.99

Premium Plan – a one time payment of $99.99/permanent
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It’s simple. Your site can be created in moments.

All that’s left to do is: add text, photos, video, light a virtual candle that can burn for eternity... mark an anniversary or birthday.

How you can help:
Monetary Donations can be sent to:
SCwSG, PO Box 673, Eagle, CO. 81631

Create a living legacy for the one you love. Hero Memorial is funded solely by suggested donations and optional upgrades with all proceeds going to help hurting people and animals and technology for your site.

This site is about celebrating life. Honor your hero, keep cherished memories alive and help hurting people and animals through Second Chance with Saving Grace nonprofit at the same time. This gesture transforms lives and creates a living legacy for your Hero. The site you design is your special place to invite friends and family to go and remember the blessings, to cry or when feeling low to remember.

Honor a fallen hero, human or animal, and inspire family and friends to do the same. Through shared personal tales and reflections, this lasting online memorial continues the life story of your loved one while supporting hurting children and animals.

Once the memorial site for your loved one is set – invite friends and family to share fondest memories. Together help the hero live on.

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