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Gracie & Diane are featured in many radio shows that depict their amazing story highlighting the second chance they've given each other and how they overcome their challenges to live a life of impact, purpose and victory.

Inspirational speaker Diane Dike and William Graham, Billy Graham's Grandson
President Bush, Dr. Diane Dike President, Nonprofit Outreach Second Chance with Saving Grace
Dr. Diane Dike and Josh McDowell
Diane Dike Inspirational speaker and Gary Chapman
Dr. Diane Dike and the Kendrick Brothers
Dr. Diane Dike Coach Bill McCartney radio interview
Dr. Diane Dike and Dr. James Dobson
Dr. Diane Dike, Steve Forbes
Dr. Diane Dike
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*National Recording Artist Michael W. Smith to Perform in Benefit

*One Woman, Her Dog and an Undying Faith, Make the World a Better Place

*The Woman Whose Legs Turned Black - Dermatology

*Celebrate a Night to Remember with Gracie and Diane Dike, Ph.D.

*Worlds First Rescued Italian Greyhound Service Dog Earns Awards
*Worlds First Rescued Service Dog Helping a Woman with Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis Has Cancer

*Gracie and Diane Unleash TLC to Help Homeless Animals Find a Home

*Paws Up to Gracie and Diane Appearing on TV 8 to Unveil Their Spanish Book in Time for Cinco de Mayo

*Extravaganza To Bring Community Together To Celebrate Life, Raise Awareness and Have Fun!

*Nominated Hero's Gracie and Diane - May is National Mobility, Vasculitis and Foster Care Awareness Month - Dr. Diane Dike Definitely Has All Three Covered
*Breakthrough Partnership Brings Second Chance and Prosthetic Technology To 22 Year Old Quad Amputee
*Second Chance With Saving Grace Partners With Shaklee Corporation To Transform Lives
*Helping Hands & Feet for Quad Amputee Kendra Creek

*The Woman Whose Legs Turned Black
*National Recording Artists Phillips, Craig & Dean Perform Benefit Concert Sept. 24 in Parker, Co

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*Oprah's OWN & Discovery Health's Mystery Diagnosis TV, "The Woman Whose Legs Turned Black."​

*God Made Only One of Me - Book
*Gracie Comes Home - Book
*But You Look Fine - Book​
*Hitting the Triumphant Trifecta
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Dr. Diane Dike and Tony Perkins

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In the News

Everyone Needs a Hero

Vail, CO, -- Dr. Diane Dike and her service dog, Gracie, found each other through the most debilitating circumstances, and now they join forces with volunteers from around the world to raise awareness for Diane’s life-threatening blood disease and bring hope and inspiration to others worldwide.

“Our goal is to encourage all to overcome their challenges with faith, hope and love,” said Dike, who was diagnosed at age 23 with cryoglobulinemia vasculitis, a rare and incurable autoimmune disease that causes the blood to turn to sludge in stress, if she stands or sits with her feet hanging down and in cold temperatures.

In the course of overcoming her circumstances, Dike sought to comfort a broken Italian greyhound that she adopted and named, “Gracie.” The tiny puppy had no home and needed surgery for two broken legs, broken ribs and a ripped off tail. It wasn’t long before Gracie rescued Diane right back and she’s been saving her daily ever since. Snuggling Gracie keeps Diane’s blood warm and freely flowing, thus keeping her alive.

Both were once homeless, hopeless and facing serious physical, mental and emotional challenges. Both persevered to overcome their daunting challenges and discovered life was very much worth living.

“We rescued each other,” Dike said. “We each got a second chance.”

Out of their experience came the formation of Second Chance with Saving Grace, a nonprofit organization that reaches out to people and animals who are hurting through a variety of books, informative websites, presentations,  the Second Chance Thrift Shoppe and engagements including several appearances on Oprah’s OWN “Mystery Diagnosis” The Woman Whose Legs Turned Black, prayer, and handing out Love Kits to those who need a little hope in their lives.

There is much more to Dike’s story, and “Diane’s Song,” a modern-day Cinderella tale with a twist, will reveal this extraordinary example about a woman, a dog and a hero who didn’t give up.

An account has been set up at FirstBank under Second Chance, “Diane’s Song” movie fund for a fiscal sponsorship which allows everyone to donate, sponsor or be involved at many levels to see this brilliant family film brought to fruition. Other ways to donate as well as advertising and product placement opportunities are available. All donations are tax-deductible.
Everyone needs a hero, Gracie and Diane fit are that and more.

Enjoy thousands of articles, radio shows, press releases, TV appearances and more her and by searching the web. Gracie and Diane go where no woman and dog have gone before. Enjoy the journey.

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