The 2016 SCwSG/CVO Retreat is scheduled for the first weekend of August. Annual Retreat at SCwSG/CVO Headquarter in Eagle, Colorado

​Theme: Renew, Restore, Reconnect and Relax!

Message Focus: "Transformation" How to live a life of impact, purpose and victory!​

We had our first CVO gathering in Colorado at SCwSG/CVO headquarters in May 2011. Rochelle Ray, cofounder of CVO and her family stopped in for a long weekend of good food, fun and fellowship. We've had yearly retreats since to gather all volunteers and CVO members for more of the same. During our retreats we enjoy the great outdoors during the beautiful warm summer days here in the mountains of Colorado. We share ideas on better ways to stay connected, increase awareness and work together to help as many people and animals as we can!



  • If you are flying in - Eagle is the best option because we can come pick you up (sometimes they go through Denver-it just depends on your airline and flight arrangements).  


  • If you fly into Denver then you’ll need to rent a car - it is about a 2 1/2 - 3 hour drive from the airport to our house-depending on traffic, road conditions and weather. We are picking a summer date to try and avoid weather issues. Eagle airport is 12 minutes from our house. I do not know about trains or other transportation as everyone is coming in from all over.


  • A Greyhound bus does come to Vail Transportation Center. That is about 45 minutes from our house and they have shuttles & limo’s that can drop you at the house. We can pick you up at the Eagle Bus stop - there are free buses that will take you all over Vail. The Vail Village is a great place to visit, people watch, eat and shop.


​*Most of our team are Christians so that is the stream running through all that we do. However, all backgrounds are welcome to come for this time of renewal.

  • Arrive 4-5pm Friday

  • Fly in to Eagle, CO Airport for Group to Pick you up or Drive in.

  • Saturday-Retreating

  • Sunday-Church & Retreating

  • Send off Monday morning 10am ✈


Retreat Leaders & Organizers
  • Cooking Team - Getting of the FOOD: Paper plates, dietary needs considered, shopping...

  • Clean Up Team - Be sure no one forgets anything and things are back in order

  • Devotion Team - Plan for morning, lunch and evening devotions and faith building Bible Study Retreat

  • Activities Team - Our Foster children will want special play time with you. Special Movies, Faith Building Activities, Games, Memory Making Fun, Hiking...

  • Picture Taking Team - In charge of taking pictures to document the event and for scrapbooks

  • Work-Time Team - Schedule Work and Teaching Lessons, Computer Goals/LessonsEducating the Group on Ministry Updates Did I forget anything? Or do you want to add something?

Dr. Diane Dike

Our Retreats

   Educate * Encourage * Enrich   

Second Chance with Saving Grace